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For companies

Firemní flotily

Companies policy

Do you have a corporate fleet of cars, utility vehicles or trucks? Leave the worry about their purity on us. Leave your car and drive to earn, let us do the dirty work ... leave the worry about the cleanliness of your car to us. We guarantee that your clean car will give a clear signal about your successful business!

Individuální podmínky

Individual conditions

Call us today. Your fleet wash once a week, once every 14 days or according to your own discretion. The price is of course negotiable and depends on the number of cars washed, selected washing program type and frequency.

Vizitka Vašeho podnikání

Your car will be your business card

Although we are still better known for superior hand-washing of cars, car washing companies are becoming increasingly popular among business owners and among car collectors. This way your car appearance is an integral part of your business. Do not just let your car look let your car just looked worse than the competition. You do have to look better!

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